25 marzo 2017

Fanis Rachoutis, sculpture ''Maternity'' at the Fetal Medicine Research Institute UK

Fanis Rachoutis, ''Maternity'' 3,90 x 1,20 x 1,10 cm aluminium,
the base was made of Chios Greek marble

The Fetal Medicine Foundation chose and assigned the project “Maternity” the sculptor Fanis Rachoutis, for the Fetal Medicine Research Institute No.16-20 Windsor Walk in London.

The new centre, which opened in 2015, aims to provide a high level of care for pregnant women and their unborn babies. The new centre will be actively involved in research into pregnancy complications and in the training of doctors in fetal medicine. Provides care for pregnant women by doctors who have trained in ultrasound scanning and fetal medicine under Professor Kypros Nicolaides.

The sculpture '' Maternity '' presents a curvilinear pregnant female form. It refers to the collective memory of a primitive fertility symbol and coding through a concentrated symbolism, the characteristics of a Mother - Goddess.

The issue of maternity is at the artistic creation of Fanis Rachoutis in various versions and materials: large and small sculptures in plaster, marble, metal and wood in an attempt to deliver through art, the deeper meaning of the gestation of a new life and maternity as an absolute value with universal dimension.

Professor Kypros Nicolaides - sculptor Fanis Rachoutis

The Fanis Rachoutis sculpture retains the power and Greek beauty. The fertile creation, and absorbed influences assimilated conquests summarizing the tradition of the great masters of art. His interest focuses on the fundamentals of the language of sculpture, mass, volume, composition, motion and energy emitted by the plastic form. Investigates, analyzes and synthesizes the anthropomorphic forms, trying to exhaust their expressive possibilities.

As a sculptor and as a man, she maintains a deep humanity and a quality rooted in popular sentiment. These elements are constant starting any search throughout his artistic career.

Born in Mytilene in 1949 and raised in Athens. He studied sculpture in Rome Fine Arts in the workshop of the great Italian sculptor Pericle Fazzini. He continued his studies in the glass art in Venice and wood art in Florence.

He was professor of art education in public schools and is president of the nonprofit cultural company 'Evian Arts Centre' founded in Greece by the painter wife Evmorfia Ghika Rachouti.

His work has been presented in solo, group and international exhibitions in Greece and other countries. He selected and participated in international symposia of monumental sculpture and works are in public spaces, galleries and private collections in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Tunisia, Poland, England, etc.

He is a member tou Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, the Greek Sculptors Association, the Association of teachers of artistic Greek courses, the International Association of Monumental Sculpture AIESM and the International Association of Artists IUOMA.

Keeps sculpture lab in New Artaki Evvoias and collaborates with the atelier ERGO Art Lab in Lugano, splitting the time of his artistic activity between Greece and Switzerland.